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SafePeak no longer provides technical and sales support.
This website doesn't belong to SafePeak Technologies Ltd, nor it is operated by it.
The sole puprpose of this website is to provide an educational coverage of the Dynamic Caching technology.


SafePeak Technologies Ltd, originally named as DCF Technologies Ltd, is a Big-Data software company founded in 2007 in Israel by Vladi Vexler, who served as company CEO, President and CTO.
Between years 2008 and 2012 the company received venture funding of approximately 2 million dollars from Xenia Ventures, private investors (angels) and Office of the Chief Scientist (Israel).
A novel technology invented by the company: Automated Dynamic Caching, with a granted patent (USPTO) -
SafePeak Technologies partnered with many value added distributors and technology partners from USA (such as Amazon Web-Services, Microsoft Azure, Cogito NA and others), Israel (Ness, Valinor), Europe and Hong-Kong.
In 2013 SafePeak partnered with AWS to enable Amazon Web Services customers to scale and accelerate SQL Server databases. In 2015 SafePeak partnered with Microsoft Azure to enable Azure Cloud customers to scale and accelerate SQL Server based cloud applications.
In January 2014 SafePeak Technologies entered into Technology IP acquisition agreement with a USA Boston based company ScaleBase, led by Ram Metser. ScaleBase developed a scaling-out solution for MySQL databases, as well as providing continuous availability and sql analytics added values.
With the closure of ScaleBase Inc (2015), SafePeak board of directors decided to close SafePeak's operations and no longer support sales and provide technical support.

Key Contributors:




Vladi Vexler, CEO/President and CTO

Vladi Vexler is SafePeak's founder, its CEO & President and the CTO visionary behind SafePeak products and strategy. Vladi has extensive experience in building startups, designing complex software products and platforms and delivering them to the market in the Big-Data, Cloud, Enterprise and Web arenas. 

Following the technology acquizition aggrement (January 2014), a complex effort led by Vladi Vexler and Tuvia Barlev, Vladi joined ScaleBase (USA Boston based Big-Data startup) where he headed the Technology and Product Marketing. 



Uri Margalit, Co-Founder and CTO (2008-2010)

Mamram graduate with over 15 years experience in managing and developing software. Precise, Symantec, SafePeak and dbMaestro - Uri made a significant impact on all these respectful companies technologies.



Alon Lubin, VP R&D (2009-2011)

Mamram graduate with years of experience in managing and developing software. Precise, Symantec, Taboola, SafePeak, Revize and Valooto - Alon made a significant impact on all these respectful companies technologies. 


Aki Ratner, Active Chairman (2009-2011)

Former IDF pilot, President of Precise, CEO of Attunity, SVP Veritas and Chairman of SoftLib and BrightInfo. 



Tuvia Barlev, Chairman and CEO 2012-2015

A seasoned serial entrepreneur with years high-technology leadership in telecommunications, storage, e-commerce, and clean energy. Co-founded and served as CEO/Executive Chairman for Actelis Networks; Superfish; AdYouNet; and Leyden Energy. Prior to founding Actelis, Mr. Barlev was head of the R&D organization at Teledata (acquired by ADC in 1998). 



Boris Iomdin, Sr. SW Engineer

Yitzhak Sapir, Sr. SW Engineer

Israel Erlich, Sr. SW Engineer

Moti Edry, Sr. SW Engineer

Eetay Natan, Consultant, SW Architecture

Prof. Ehud Gudes, Consultant, SW Design

Prof. Danny Hendler, Consultant, SW Design

Amir Freund, Advisory Board

Gil Bickel, Advisory Board

Assaf Halperin, Advisory Board

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