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"SafePeak just works! One of the most complicated and smart, yet so simple, software commercial products in the IT market."

When Traffic Peaks, So Should Performance!

SafePeak: A Plug-and-Play Dynamic Caching solution for SQL Server databases and applications for performance acceleration and scalability of cloud and on-premise environments.

SafePeak uses Dynamic Database Caching to resolve information access bottlenecks and latency without any change to existing applications or databases.

Why we're different?

  1. SafePeak's solution provides exceptional results in accelerating the data access to a few micro-seconds.
  2. SafePeak's solution is transparent both for the App and the database: It's a plug-and-play solution, and no code changes are required.
  3. SafePeak's solution provides immediate results: It shows clear results within hours from installation.

Automated result set dynamic caching technology brings performance, speed, scalability and throughput of in-memory databases to any existing and 3rd party applications and websites working on SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, and 2012.

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To accelerate queryies response time SafePeak caches the results of queries and returns a response in few microseconds speed. SafePeak ensures data delivery and high availability for mission-critical SQL Server applications and safeguards against unpredictable traffic spikes and surges of usage.

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Enhancing scalability for more workloads:

SafePeak enhances scalability by offloading the read ("Select") queries,and stored procedures which perform "Select" of information, from operational databases, significantly increasing database capacity for handling transactional queries and updates. SQL Server load is cut by x4-x10 times, freeing resources for transactions that actually perform data changes. Overall database throughput is increased, transaction efficiency is enhanced, scalability is achieved, while leveraging existing hardware and software. It is especially appropriate for Internet applications that experience unpredictable and varying peaks of usage. In addition, SafePeak helps to ensure real-time performance and high availability for traditional businesses running OLTP applications. 

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SafePeak's unique performance technology offers:
  • Automated Dynamic Caching: SafePeak automatically accelerates applications, working with SQL Server databases, by dynamically caching in-memory results of frequently accessed and performance critical data. The cached data is dynamically changing in real-time on arrival of updates/inserts/delets (DML, DDL) commands and stored procedures – while keeping the cached data 100% reliable and up to date.
  • Extreme Speed: SafePeak relies on patent-pending in-memory caching technology to achieve throughput of tens of thousands of transactions per second with response times measured in microseconds. Extreme speed is further achieved because SafePeak brings performance-critical data closer to the application.
  • Adaptability: SafePeak is highly adaptable to meet a wide variety of different application and deployment needs. No changes are required in the application to deploy and integrate SafePeak. Further, it provides powerful schema mapping and in-depth database usage analytics information.
  • Full ACID, transactions, stored procedures and security support
  • High Availability: SafePeak cluster edition preserves data by offering high availability and instant failover from one SafePeak instance to another if deployed in a two-node, hot-standby configuration.


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