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ERP systems have become a pre-requisite for accelerating business growth. They empower organizations with rapid access to information for fast decision-making and customer service. However, just as the ERP system can help to accelerate growth, its central positioning in the organization mandates high levels of throughput and response time, availability and scalability to accommodate increasing system demands.

It is no surprise that increasing ERP performance, reducing response time and increasing the number of users supported by the system, are key requirements for every ERP application manager. ERP applications have been known to suffer from slowdowns with CPU and I/O bottlenecks or high network latency caused by many round trips to the database.

SafePeak enables ERP applications to provide rapid access and retrieval of information, even during unexpected increases in system demand. SafePeak acts as a distributed proxy cache between the portal and the database. Auto-learning caching algorithms store frequently accessed SQL statement result sets in SafePeak's memory, greatly improving time of information retrieval, reducing database-server load, eliminating traffic bottlenecks and increasing scalability and transaction throughput. By bringing the information closer to the application in binary format, data retrieval is faster and more efficient.

SafePeak maximizes ERP application performance, by reducing network roundtrip to the database, decreasing CPU resource usage and eliminating I/O and storage access. 

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