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"Just 15 minutes and SafePeak is up and delivering results. It has never been so easy to boost performance of the most complicated applications!"

How to install SafePeak

SafePeak's fully functional 14-days trial is available for a free download!

How to install SafePeak? It's easy:

  1. Register on download page and receive an email with a link download the installation file. The trial license is embedded inside the product (if the email did not arrive, please check your spam folder);
  2. Recommended to install SafePeak on a stand-alone machine with Windows Server 2012 or 2008 R2;
    * Installation on Windows 7/8 is also possible, although requires manual installation of IIS+WCF3.5 Windows features.
  3. Create an Instance in SafePeak pointing to your SQL Instance(s). SafePeak MetadataLearning process will learn automatically your database structure and get ready for the next step;
  4. Connect your applications (change IP connection string, DNS record and the etc\host file).
    If needed, connect the SQL Agent to SafePeak (create an alias of localhost to SafePeak).
    Once SQL Queries begin to arrive SafePeak will learn and create SQL Patterns, which used for caching rules and for SQL Analytics;
  5. Comple configuration of: Review the Configuration Guide.
    TIP: Get a quick training and assistance from SafePeak support team;
  6. Using SharePoint? Contact us to receive a special license that will autoamtically configure your SafePeak optimized for SharePoint.
  7. Enjoy supreme application performance, monitoring and deep performance analysis!

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