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"SafePeak offered us a perfect match: an “out-of-the-box” solution, that instantly improved our application and reduced the response time by 66%, delivering acceleration of 200%!"

Customer Testimonials

SafePeak is used globally by companies within Telecom, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Media, Shipping and other industries.

SafePeak brings instant performance and scalability improvements to mission critical systems. Web portals, e-commerce, enterprise applications, CRM, ERP, SharePoint large portals and others - can all easily benefit SafePeak's solution. 

Some of our customer testimonials:

Freight Exchange of North America (F/X): 


Ashbaugh, Andrew, CTO, "As the company had grown and the number of system users had increased, the commercial TMS software had slowed down to a point where accessing a single order could take 10 to 20 seconds during peak business hours. This had become a serious impediment to responsive customer service and streamlined operations.
The TMS vendor suggested an upgrade to the application server’s OS, database, and memory, but with F/X in the middle of several other significant IT infrastructure projects, such a project would have to wait several months to begin planning and execution. In the meantime, system responsiveness for operations was slowing to a crawl.
SafePeak provided an inexpensive, quick-to-implement solution that cut system response times for end users by more than half in a manner that will continue to optimize database performance after the recommended vendor upgrades are completed.


Freight Exchange of North America (F/X): 

Paragon Shipping

Paragon Shipping has integrated a proprietary designed support and inventory management system based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Exchange built by UniPath Systems SW house. Because time spent by Paragon’s employees with interaction with this management system has a direct effect on company productivity the company searched for a best of breed industry solution to ensure stable high application performance.
Pepis Emmanouil, Development Manager at UniPath, "SafePeak allowed us to ensure customer high performance and availability demands. Using SharePoint as a base system for our application allowed us to develop and complicated solution for the customer, but also brought many limitations in how we can tweak this shelf product performance. Our scalability tests showed that with use of SafePeak the performance was improved from day one, but more importantly continued delivering stable results with growth of application usage and database data size. We plan SafePeak integration in our other products and customers."


SaaS Video Gaming Industry: EEDAR


Ted Spence, CIO at EEDAR, "Some of our complicated pages were accelerated from 45 seconds to less than 12 seconds!
Caching is essential for a product with significant data volume and numerous queries. Instead of building our own caching strategy, SafePeak offered us a perfect match: an “out-of-the-box” solution that instantly improved our application and reduced the response time by 66%, delivering acceleration of 200%!

See full case study: "SafePeak helps a leading gaming company to accelerate its cloud application"


Telecom:  Microsoft SharePoint Benchmark

PC Systems

Enterprise class organization (>10,000 employees), conducted a benchmark of SafePeak to accelerate the widely used Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS), a platform for many corporate mission-critical applications. Over 90% CPU usage reduction on SQL Server. Database IO bottlenecks resolved immediately. Pages response time improvement up to 180%.

See full case study: "SafePeak on SharePoint 2007 Benchmark"


Healthcare: Poria Hospital, knowledge management system:

PC Systems

Daniel Zohar, IT director: ““Instead of going with the traditional hardware upgrade approach, I decided to evaluate an intelligent caching solution from SafePeak. After an intensive evaluation and testing period by our QA team, we have decided to purchase the system to support our production real-time databases. We are very pleased to deploy the unique and simple solution for the problem with substantial and proven ROI.” 

See full case study: "Poria customer story"


Financial Call Center:  Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM Dynamics at Major Credit Card Financial Firm

Enterprise class organization (>5,000 employees), conducted a benchmark of SafePeak to accelerate the widely used Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a critical platform for company call center. Pages response time improved on average by 120% (and up to 300%). Database CPU & IO usage were reduced by 70%. The massive improvements allowed to provide better customer support, improve company's brand, and reduce the cost of the solution.


E-Commerce & Media: Globes Financial Portal 

Ami Levkovitz, CIO: "We are extremely excited about SafePeak! SafePeak improved website response time by 380% during load and 126% on average. Speed of queries became 0.5 msec".

See full case study: "Improving User Experience While Safeguarding Against Downtime"


Among Others:

BINGHAM McCUTCHEN, A Global Law and Consulting firm BUPA Arabia, Health Insurance provider

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