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CRM systems are handling increasing numbers of users pushing the system to the edge. The resulting bottlenecks during peak usage can impact sales and reduce customer satisfaction. Successful CRM systems provide rapid retrieval and response, high availability and the ability to scale.

SafePeak safeguards CRM systems so they continue to perform even during unexpected peaks and spikes of usage. SafePeak acts as a distributed proxy cache between the CRM system and the database. Auto-learning caching algorithms store frequently accessed SQL statement result sets in SafePeak's memory, greatly improving time of information retrieval, reducing database-server load, eliminating traffic bottlenecks and increasing scalability and transaction throughput. By bringing the information closer to the application in binary format, data retrieval is faster and more efficient.

A faster responding CRM system enables greater throughput and the ability for employees to handle greater call volumes and provide better customer service with lower overall total cost of ownership.

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