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Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier for people to work together both inside and outside organizations. Using SharePoint, companies can share information, manage content and increase the flow of information for improved decision making.

However, since SharePoint is a database driven product, based on SQL Server, it makes frequent round trips to the database to update and access information. As a result of the constant back and forth, SharePoint performance may be affected potentially reducing productivity within the organization and causing communication glitches with external customers and partners.

So while SharePoint can expand your organizations reach, increase customer retention, and drive revenue, lack of performance and slow response time may have the opposite effect.

Ensuring Fast Response Time and High Performance for SharePoint Customers

SafePeak enables SharePoint to provide fast response time and better resources utilization (CPU, IO, databses, servers, storage). SafePeak delivers unprecedented application performance and reduction of database load by 90%. SafePeak's auto-learning caching algorithms store frequently accessed SQL statement result sets in SafePeak memory, greatly improving time of information retrieval, reducing database-server load, eliminating traffic bottlenecks and increasing scalability and transaction throughput.

SafePeak supports SharePoint 2010 and 2007, with special license that auto-configures SafePeak for optimal performance. Ask for SharePoint activated license file.
Support of SharePoint 2013 is in development.

By bringing the information closer to SharePoint in binary format, data retrieval is faster and more efficient. SafePeak maximizes SharePoint application performance, by reducing network roundtrip to the database, decreasing CPU resource usage and reducing I/O reads and storage access. 

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