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"SafePeak offered us a perfect match: an “out-of-the-box” solution, that instantly improved our application and reduced the response time by 66%, delivering acceleration of 200%!"

Cloud Acceleration

The requirement for faster response time for data access and retrieval along with the need for high availability of critical business information has grown exponentially during the last few years. However, and unfortunately, many applications which are installed on the Cloud and on Hosted servers suffer from poor and slow performance and create scalability challenges for DBAs, architects and developers. While allocation of additional web or application servers/instances by the Cloud service provider (like Amazon, GoGrid and others) is a straightforward process, the resolution of performance and scalability bottlenecks of SQL Server databases remains a complicated challenge. Resolution demands significant restructuring of the application code and even planning a different application-database design.


SafePeak®– Immediate Acceleration of Cloud SQL Server applications

SafePeak Technologies provides SafePeak® - the only immediate Plug-&-Play acceleration & scalability solution for Cloud & Hosted Applications. SafePeak delivers results within hours, while enabling any kind and size of an organization to resolve the information access bottlenecks on Cloud and Hosted servers. Moreover, SafePeak's solution doesn't require any change to the existing applications or SQL Server databases.


SafePeak's solution resolves SQL Server performance, query access speed, retrieval bottlenecks, CPU and IO load and latency. SafePeak dramatically accelerates data access and retrieval to microsecond speed, providing immediate results with no need to perform changes in application or database code. SafePeak enables companies to maximize their Cloud and Hosted infrastructure utilization with the ability to scale to 5-20x more users and work load. SafePeak ensures high availability and data delivery for mission-critical applications and safeguards against traffic spikes and surges of usage.


Automated Dynamic Caching for SQL Server OLTP Apps

SafePeak is able to present its advantage through the implementation of an innovative solution for dynamic database caching, using sophisticated auto learning and automatic adaptation algorithms.

SafePeak's solution is deployed on Windows 2008 64bit virtual server, a dedicated server or two servers in a cluster, and acts as a seamless proxy between the applications and customer SQL Servers. Such a server instance can be easily and instantly ordered from Cloud providers like Amazon EC2 and GoGrid.

Patent-pending auto-learning algorithms analyze connected SQL Server instances and the unique self-adaptive algorithm studies the application traffic, creates patterns of queries, understands their nature and dependencies and provides caching rules for SafePeak's Core engine.

SafePeak offloads repetitive "Read" queries and stored procedures (queries and procedures that “select” data), while storing the result-sets in SafePeak's cache memory. Requests for same queries are not sent to the database servers and the result is retrieved from the cache memory with instant speed (few microseconds). SafePeak's sophisticated algorithms manage the changes of data automatically, evicting in real-time the relevant items from cache with the arrival of “write” commands (DML, DCL, DDL) ensuring 100% data integrity.

The results of SafePeak's solution are immediate: SafePeak's deployment within customer cloud application takes up to 15 minutes and within 60 minutes the application starts getting a performance acceleration boost. Since SafePeak is transparent to the application or WEB server and the database, the installation process requires minimal effort. No code changes in the application and database are required.

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